The Knew Purpose was conceived as a multilayered approach to guide forward-thinking, purpose-driven, and enterprising individuals, companies, and communities to their greatest potential. We teach leaders how to build businesses that are profitable while alleviating poverty, improving communities, shaping industry, and inspiring others.

 A Knew Leadership Philosophy

We believe knowledge is key to bridging economic, gender, and cultural gaps. Utilizing human-centered design principles, we guide individual leaders and organizations to define their purpose, and working from that place of knowledge and empowerment, imbue ethics of conscious leadership and collaboration into their team, company, and community. 

A Knew Business Model

We believe business can be a conduit for lifting people and the planet. We value transparency, collaboration, sustainability, inclusivity, and a social return on investment. We know that today’s most profitable businesses are driven by purpose and social impact. Capitalism facilitated in a conscious manner results in a mutually-beneficial relationship among people, the planet, and the capacity for profit.


Our Method

The SoulMap® method is a step-by-step learning systems for growing consciousness in leaders, companies, and communities. Conscious leadership consists of 3-levels of learning, growth, and development: conscious leader (steps 1-9), conscious company (steps 10-18), conscious community (steps 19-27).

Each of the 27 steps supports leaders to awaken to their potential, empowering them to grow conscious and profitable businesses driven by purpose and social impact, and expanding these principles to their community (employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and local society).

Our 4-core practices are: mindfulness, intuition, positive thinking, and good influence.

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Our Clients

Socially, ethically, and environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs and organizations who understand how vital it is to human development to put conscious leadership into practice. Positive disruptors, changemakers, and purpose-driven enterprises are at the helm of the new economy.
Sydney Price is gifted at leadership development, as she puts people first. Through her purpose-driven approach and business expertise, she empowers leaders to transform their organizations from the inside out. She is an incredible partner to have by your side.
— Charity Wallace, Founder & President, Wallace Global Impact
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