Meet Sydney Price

Founder of the knew purpose


Sydney Price brings extensive experience in the corporate sector to The Knew Purpose. Her lauded career in business and merchandising includes Neiman Marcus Group and Kate Spade & Company (KSC). Her work has brought her to more than 50 countries where she’s observed women in developing nations facing gender-based discrimination, and in turn, an increased rate of poverty, violence, ill health, and poor eduction. Sydney became passionate about helping to empower and give voice to these women, and knew that economic freedom was one way to do so.

In 2013, Sydney made a radical transition in her career, integrating her business and merchant expertise with her desire to do good, and became SVP of Social Impact and Innovation at KSC. There she designed and built a profitable commercial channel within the KSC value chain as well as created a women-focused Social Enterprise Supplier Model called on purpose. While building on purpose, she learned what it means to empower leaders while creating sustainable and profitable business models. Her innovative model was named “Best Economic Empowerment Program” from the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation in 2015 and was studied and endorsed by Georgetown University in 2017.


Sydney’s been recognized as a catalyst in business transformation for her ability to integrate purpose, business, and social impact. In 2015, she was named by CEO Connection as one of the “Most Influential Women” of the year.

Foraying her business expertise and background training executives into her passion at The Knew Purpose, Sydney endeavors to help companies and leaders move forward in this new economy. She believes that the focus on sustainability in business is a non-negotiable.

 As an ICF-certified coach and inspirational speaker she drives meaningful and measurable change by empowering leaders, businesses, universities, non-profits, and social entrepreneurs. Her mission with The Knew Purpose is to awaken leaders and companies to their authentic purpose, establishing better business practices as the new global standard.