the SoulMap® method


SoulMap® is a 9-principled model used to discover and ignite Purpose, Profit, and Social Impact. It is a new system of growing consciousness within leaders, companies, and communities.


SoulMap® is a 3-part model, which builds upon itself.



conscious leader

to awaken leaders to their passion, purpose, and integrate their unique gifts into their work and lives


conscious company

to empower leaders to ignite passion,
purpose, profit, and social impact into their organizations


Conscious Community

to expand how teams and companies collaborate based on trust, shared vision, and collective good

SoulMap® flows from the inside out, starting with Purpose, shifting down to Values,
and moving clockwise through the 9-principles.

Each of the 9-principles have 3 levels of characteristics,
growing consciousness starting with oneself, progressing through one’s company,
and coming together with community.

SoulMap® model is supported by 4-core practices.

These practices bring mental clarity, self-awareness, focus, non-reactivity, and the ability
to connect more deeply with self and others in each moment.


To be aware and awake. Recognizing what we do, how we do it,
and the effect of our actions.

Be present and non-reactive.


This sixth sense is an immediate
and instinctive response. Tap into a deeper wisdom and truth.

Trust your gut.

Positive Think

Harnessing positive thoughts
attract more positive circumstances. Thoughts create our reality.

Change your thoughts,
transform your life.

Good Influence

Lead by example through kindness,
confidence, humility, accessibility, motivation and respect.

Be the inspiration.




our purpose

To awaken leaders to their passion and purpose —
Conscious Leaders transform and empower their team, company, and community for a better world.



What’s yours?

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