Sustainability + Social Impact Consulting

We work with leaders to design, develop, and implement social impact and business sustainability programs. Our approach is purpose-driven, profit-imperative, and social impact-focused. 

We start with purpose. We help you articulate a company purpose to give authenticity and coherence to your sustainability work. We review your business model and supply chain to identify economic, social, and environmental opportunities. We custom-design a social impact strategy based on your company’s needs and budget, supported by your company purpose and values. All Offerings

Sydney led the design and development of Kate Spade’s unique social impact program. Today, the program Sydney launched not only produces upwards of 50,000 handbags a year, but also economically and socially empowers over 200 women—lifting up these women, their families, and the community. Sydney pulled off a first for a fashion company: using our business model and both philanthropic and financial capital to empower women halfway around the world. In addition, the program has an enormous impact on our employee base and our customers. We know from internal research that this program is one of the reasons employees are proud to work at Kate Spade, and the program provides the opportunity to authentically communicate to our customers our commitment to purpose-driven initiatives.