For Teams + Organizations

Based on SoulMap® Conscious Company,
to empower leaders to ignite passion, purpose, profit, and
social impact into their organization.



Think Like a Conscious Company

This 1-day workshop teaches leaders to embody the key principles,
characteristics, and practices to become a conscious company.



  • 1-day workshop

  • In-person, experiential and interactive

  • Ideal group size: 8-12 people

  • Led by Sydney Price, Founder and CEO of The Knew Purpose

  • ICF ACC and CPCC certified


  • Gain a foundational knowledge of SoulMap® Conscious Company

  • Learn the principles, characteristics, and core practices of a conscious company

  • Discovery session on the key 9-principles and its characteristics

  • Communicate your discoveries

  • Explore ways you can directly contribute to the key principles of a conscious company

  • Discovery session on the core practices of a conscious leader

  • Investigate ways to integrate the core practices into each moment of your day

  • Mindful exercise that will bring mental clarity, self-awareness, focus and the ability to connect more authentically with others.